This part is dedicated for old computers and games

I'm a huge fan of old FPS games like Duke 3D and Blood. That's where it all started. Most of the content is in my "official" retrolan blog.


Back in the late 90's we held some LAN parties in which we played the latest games at the time, such as Unreal Tournament 99 and Quake 3. So one time me and my friends started thinking it was a very good time. So we decided to arrange an event where everyone would bring a PC with a maximum CPU speed of about 1000MHz and a Windows 98 SE installed. And then we would play games like in the good ol' days.

The first RetroLan event was held on 9.12. - 11.12.2005 at Pori, Finland in an abandoned store that had been transformed to a large lan party hall. It didn't go as planned because setting up an ethernet network for Win 98 wasn't as easy as we thought. Also making the IPX network running was a whole challenge itself. But finally we got everything running and had a good time.

Since then we've been having RetroLans once or twice a year. The last one, 14th in the series, was held at Tervakoski.

Retro games

We usually play FPS games because they're easy to adopt and support over at least eight players at a time. Our all-time favorite is Quake III Arena with FreezeTag mod because it lets every player to use his or her strengths against another team. You can be the player that frags every other player or you can save the team by thawing them after they've been killed.

Other FPS classics are the Build-based games Blood, Duke Nukem 3D (with our total conversion called The Purify) and Shadow Warrior. Usually we just agree on a frag limit of 100 after which we switch to another game.

We also play games like Death Rally, C&C: Red Alert, Rise of the Triad, Carmageddon, Unreal Tournament 99, Soldat, Worms: Armageddon, Doom 1 and 2, Descent... the list goes on :)

My retro machines

I currently have three PCs for retro gaming:





My first setup
This is my first retro setup. The laptop had Windows XP to run as a Soldat server.

Lots of consoles
We also had a bunch of old consoles.

Latest setup
This is my current setup: the retromachine nro 1, aka retrokor.

Join us

If you're interested in joining our RetroLan party, just join our IRC channel #retrolan @ IrcNet.