About me

About me

My name is Juho Vainio and I'm a 34-year-old Finnish guy who lives in Helsinki. I have a deep passion about programming, games and pretty much everything related to computers. I go by the alias kor_ and I've been using that nickname since I first started using the IRC in the 90's.
I currently work full-time as a software developer in a medium-sized finnish company. I'm also a co-founder of Trendion Ltd where I do some systems designing occasionally.

On my free time I play PC games, board games, listen to some music and practise iaido.


I started playing computer games when I was only eight. The first computer I had was a 386sx running at 16MHz with 1MB of memory (out of which 256Kb was shared with display controller!). The next computer was a Pentium 120MHz with 16MB of memory and a huge 17 inch almost-flat CRT monitor. I played games like Duke3D, Blood, Diablo and Quake with it. Then, when I finally had the money to buy my first own PC gaming truly started.

In 2002 when Unreal Tournament 2003 was launched I played it almost all day long (didn't have any school at that time). I joined different clans and we played in many tournaments and practised a lot together. I still have some good friends from those times.

The peak of my so-called gaming career was between years 2003 and 2005 when I won the Halo Championship Finland on 2003 and was on the 4th place on UT2004 Finnish Championship Tournament on 2005. Both were achieved during the TiltGames events in Helsinki.

During the active gaming phase I also created two so-called frag movies which contain the highlights of our clan's players' gameplay.
First one is called DSky UT2003 Clanvideo (Destination Skyline) and the other ANAL the Movie (this one was made just for fun, as you might tell from the name).


I played guitar for about ten years. First I started with an acoustic guitar and played mainly some easy pop songs. Then I got an electric guitar and started playing more advanced stuff like Metallica and Joe Satriani. Or at least I tried. After a few years I stopped playing the electric guitar and switched back to the acoustic one, this time playing classical music. I played for many years and completed a few exams. Then I started school and didn't have any more time for playing.

Playing the guitar has really affected my music taste. I mainly listen to heavy metal, progressive metal and hard rock. Also some classical music of course. I enjoy some good electronic music also like trance, hardcore and EBM. My favorite artists are Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nightwish, Sentenced and Kaipa, just to name a few. You can check out my trance section for some good trance sets.


My current audio set is following:

This is basically the best I can get to my apartment because the walls are so thin (made from concrete elements) that any better equipment would just go to waste.

My previous set was a NAD CD player and a NAD integrated amplifier. After the CD player broke down I decided it was time to make an upgrade.

After starting a full-time job the time available for gaming has significantly decreased. Nowadays I occasionally play games like:


I've been programming for about 15 years. It all started with my 386 and GW-BASIC. GW-BASIC had so poor IDE so I quickly moved to QBasic with which I created hundreds of different programs (apps, games, demos etc.). Then in 1997 when VB5 was available I was very excited when I was finally able to create my own programs for Windows! And, again, created hundreds of small (even useless) apps.

There was a large gap with no programming between the years 2000 and 2005 (mostly due to the excessive gaming). But when I got my first job as a programmer I've done nothing else since. I think that this is my "calling" and could not think doing anything else for living. Currently I use C# as my main programming language. I've been using it for about five years and in my opinion it's a very easy and straightforward language.


My main activity is iaido which I have practised for about seven years now. There have been some unfortunate gaps due to injuries and even lack of motivation, but it's a really interesting art that helps me to balance work and free time.

I also play board games quite often. You can check my account at boardgamegeek. One of my favorite games is the collection card game Magic: The Gathering.

Contact me

If you want to contact me, just take my first and last name and add the :) Thanks!