Links and downloads

List of useful websites and programs

Everything listed here is free.


The best FPS. Do I need to say more? :)


This site is for hackers who want to test their skills in various challenges.


Here are some programs I've found useful.

Ditto clipboard manager

This is a small but extremely useful program. I cannot live without it any more. It's particularly useful in programming where I have to copy and paste tens or even hundreds of lines of codes. Simple clipboard just isn't enough.


This is the best music player. It supports the Windows 7 WASAPI (with this plugin), which sends the audio signal directly to the sound card without any alterations.


Very simple but powerful program for taking and managing notes.


Very good and simple-to-use password manager. Also contains a powerful password generator which can be used to generate very strong passwords.


Simple and easy-to-use calendar to your desktop. Does everything you need. Pro versio also syncs the calendar with Google.


Very simple and easy program for taking screenshots. Just press a button and draw a rectangle and you're done. Also has tools for adding text, arrows, highlighting and obfuscating text.



Web traffic proxy for debugging web-apps. Works with https also.

Aptana Studio

An IDE for web apps. I used it to create this site. I've only used the basic functionality, but it's very easy to use and it seems very feature-rich.

Retro downloads

Here is some very old stuff for download, in case someone still needs them.

DirectX 8.1a

The DirectX ;)


The last Firefox that works on Windows 98 SE.
Firefox Setup

Daemon Tools

The last Daemon Tools version that works on Windows 98 SE.

Windows installer

This may be required by some installation programs. I don't know if it's the latest working version for Win98SE.

Tweak UI

I basically use this only for making Windows 98 to auto login :)

PS2 Rate

Cool tool for changing the PS/2 port's refresh rate. 80Hz is usually the best choice for FPS games.

VB5 runtimes

Visual Basic 5 runtimes

Old 3DMark programs

All the three 3DMarks: 99MAX, 2000 and 2001SE.

Retro drivers

Sound Blaster 128 PCI drivers

Drivers for various SB models. For example CT4700, CT4810, Vibra128 etc.
You must try them out and see what works.

With CT4700 there may be an error "CONFIGMG.VXD cannot load the driver".
The error may be resolved by copying the CONFIGMG.VXD from WIN98_53.CAB to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.
You also need to install the MIDI waveset EAPCI2M.ECW manually.
You may also need to change the driver to an older version (year 2000 version doesn't work but 1998 does). Also note that even though the Legacy Device seems to be installed correctly, it may not work with DOS games at all.

Display Drivers for Old GeForces

The best display drivers for GeForce 2 and 4.
Detonator for GeForce 2's: 45.23_win9x_english.exe
Detonator for GeForce 4's: 56.64_win9x_international.exe

Display Drivers for Old Radeons

The best display drivers for Radeon 7200 etc.
ATI Catalyst 6.2: 6-2_wme_dd_cp_30314.exe

Realtek network card drivers

This works for most models.