Home page of Juho Vainio

Feel free to browse around and download some good programs or some trance music.


18.8.2014 - Small update

Updated the about page a bit.

2.9.2013 - Started a blog

I started a blog about my retro pc hobby. Check it out here.

10.12.2012 - More retro downloads

Added more retro downloads. They seem to get increasingly hard to find nowadays...

29.6.2012 - More content

Added more download links. The trance page is now generated from the music folder (no more manual work, yeah!).

21.6.2012 - First public version

Here we go.

I still need to add some more sets to the trance page and more links/downloads.

20.6.2012 - Started making the site!

I decided to build a personal website because I've never had one and an IT professional like me should definately have one. This is also a great way to force myself to finally learn html and css :)

There isn't really that much content right now. Check the about me page for more information about me. The music page contains some trance sets that I regularly listen to. Links and downloads contain some useful programs and sites.